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  Serious harm from inpatient hypoglycaemia: a survey of hospitals in the UK
  An alarming number of serious adverse events was reported: 12 serious adverse events with three deaths over a 1-year period in 41 Trusts. This may be the tip of the iceberg, considering the potential under-reporting (Diabetic Medicine)
  Incretin treatment and risk of pancreatitis in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised and non-randomised studies
  The available evidence suggests that the incidence of pancreatitis among patients using incretins is low and that the drugs do not increase the risk of pancreatitis. Current evidence, however, is not definitive, and more carefully designed and conducted observational studies are warranted to definitively establish the extent, if any, of increased risk (BMJ)
  Association between first-line monotherapy with sulfonylurea versus metformin and risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events
  All-cause mortality was significantly increased in patients prescribed sulfonylurea compared with metformin monotherapy (Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism)
  SGLT2 inhibitors in the treatment of type 2 diabetes
  This article summarizes the rationale for use of these agents and reviews available clinical data on their efficacy, safety, and risks/benefits (Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice)
  Aging is associated with increased HbA1c levels, independently of glucose levels and insulin resistance, and also with decreased diagnostic specificity
  In two large datasets, using different methods to measure HbA1c, the association of age with higher HbA1c levels: was consistent and similar; was both statistically and clinically significant; was unexplained by features of aging; and reduced diagnostic specificity. Age should be taken into consideration when using HbA1c for the diagnosis and management of diabetes and prediabetes (Diabetic Medicine)
  High efficient and cost-effective screening method for diabetic cardiovascular risk
  Ischemic heart disease could be predicted in patients with diabetes using a combination of results from conventional physical and laboratory tests (Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome)
  Observational Study of Kidney Function and Albuminuria in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Treated With Exenatide BID Versus Insulin Glargine
  There were no significant differences in change in kidney function or albuminuria at 1 year in patients treated with exenatide BID compared with insulin glargine as administered in routine practice (Annals of Pharmacotherapy)
  Screening for Peripheral Neuropathies in Children With Diabetes: A Systematic Review
  Data show extremely low diagnostic utility for standard screening methods (tuning fork and 10-g monofilament) but acceptable utilities for biothesiometry and finer (1 g) monofilaments. Data on the diagnostic utility should be used to inform national and international guidelines on diabetes management (Pediatrics)
  Gene expression changes in cancellous bone of type 2 diabetics: a biomolecular basis for diabetic bone disease
  This study identifies considerable changes in the expression of transcription factors and extracellular matrix (ECM) components of bone in 2DM patients. Furthermore, the analysis of key differentiation factors of osteoblasts revealed significant alterations in gene expression of these factors, which may contribute to the dysregulation of energy metabolism in 2DM (Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery)
  Circulating natriuretic peptide concentrations reflect changes in insulin sensitivity over time in the Diabetes Prevention Program
  Circulating NT-proBNP was associated with a measure of insulin sensitivity before and during preventive interventions for type 2 diabetes in the DPP (Diabetologia)
  Ketosis Onset Type 2 Diabetes Had Better Islet b-Cell Function and More Serious Insulin Resistance
  From these data, we concluded that ketosis onset T2DM had better islet b-cell function and more serious insulin resistance than nonketotic onset T2DM (Journal of Diabetes Research)
  Two new book reviews on Glycosmedia
  Cancer Virus: The story of Epstein-Barr Virus - Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine

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