Legal Landmines: Common Personal Injury Myths Debunked

Personal injury law, like many other domains, does have its own set of misconceptions. All of these misconceptions and myths arise from people giving each other wrong information, the media spreading false news, and also some misunderstandings.

A lot of times, these misconceptions are the beliefs that random people start to have when they hear random people talk about their personal injuries. Nw, all of these myths and misconceptions can leave an impact on the people who are looking to seek personal injury cases.

A personal injury lawyer can help you differentiate between what is correct and what is believed to be a myth.

Let’s all have a look at some of the common myths regarding personal injury.

Myth 1: Minor injuries must not be pursued

Minor injuries, when they occur, can look like mere bruises, scratches, or mild whiplash. This is why a lot of people think that there is no point in seeking compensation when the case is about minor injuries. This is because they think that their time and effort should be put somewhere else.

However, this is a complete myth as a lot of times it has been observed that minor injuries later in a few days can show up with more severe symptoms. This is then realizing how much of a big mistake has been made.

Also, many times, it has been observed that minor injuries also cost a lot of money when it comes to getting treatment for them.

Myth 2: I can get a fair settlement without an attorney

A lot of people have this perception in their head that they will be able to negotiate with the insurance comapnies and will get a very fair amount of compensation. This is one of the biggest risks a person can take when it comes to personal injury cases.

This is usually forgotten that the insurance comapnies are also sitting there making profits. The ultimate goal they have is to increase their profits. So, they always try to make the compensation amount less than you expect as they have to keep up with their profits.

So, hiring an attorney is one of the best decisions that can be made by anyone. A lot of times, insurers are seen making adjustments that are quick, and other times, they are seen arguing over the medical bills. Mind you, these are all of those things that need to be properly negotiated. This cannot be done without the expertise of a lawyer.

Myth 3: A Lawsuit can be filed whenever

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they think that they can proceed with things legally whenever they want to.

This can prove to be very bad in some people’s favor as it does have consequences. There is a concept called a statute of limitation. This refers to a time frame in which a person can file a case against the party at fault.

The statute of limitation makes sure that the evidence related to an accident is submitted in time when the evidence is still believable. This also helps a lot in keeping the integrity of the legal system.

Now, the statute of limitation is different in every state; it all depends on the jurisdiction in which the case is being held. In some cases, the timeframe can be stretched, but these are just a few exceptional cases where this is permissible. So, it is all on the injured party to take care of the statute of limitation and hire an attorney as soon as they can.

Myth 4: It is all about getting rich

Statements like these can overshadow the real reason why people go for lawsuits in personal injury cases. This is not about money at all. When someone is injured badly, and they claim the money for their treatment and the damages that they have suffered, it is entirely justified as it has nothing to do with the money alone.

Also, it is not just about the physical side of the thighs. A lot of times, it is the emotional damages that need to be compensated.

Myth 5: All the cases end up in trails

Now, one of the misconceptions and myths also says that all of the cases are seen ending in the form of a trial. Well, this is not the case, actually. Sometimes, the cases do get resolved before they even go to the courts.

Mediation is one thing that happens a lot of times. In this case, a mediator makes both the parties agree on a settlement. So, this myth and misconception is also proven wrong.


Myths and misconceptions regarding personal injury have been there for a very long time for people to entertain themselves. But it is of course, a big responsibility to tell people what is true and what is not. To understand that, it is important to look into proper information and do your own research.

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