Hidden Facts About CapCut Online Photo Editor Revealed

CapCut is one of the online editors that allows transforming photos with a great deal of benefits and perks for the photos. Whatever editor you use for editing and transforming photos, every editor takes some benefit from you in return for offering you the space to edit photos. For example, many of them charge you a fee to use their editor’s features while others want you to pay for making watermark-free downloads. There are several other ways through which the editors take some benefit from you in return for offering you the online space to edit and transform your photos. 

However, this is not the case with CapCut’s online photo editor which is free to use. This incredible editor comes with an online photo editor, free templates, text to speech and text-to-image converters, etc. You will also find tons of images and video editing tools and all of them are free of cost. CapCut doesn’t take any monetary or other benefit from its users but offers them the most mesmerizing editing experience. Want to know how? Let’s dig deeper into some of the hidden facts about the CapCut online photo editor below. 

CapCut online photo editor

Doesn’t Require Any Payments

The best and the most surprising thing about CapCut’s online photo editor is that it doesn’t charge you any fee. Yes, you don’t need to make any sort of payment to use this editor for transforming your photos. Whether you are creating your account here or editing or downloading your photos, it won’t ask you to pay any fee. You don’t even need to submit your credit card details upon creating the account. 

Thousands of Free Templates

Similarly, you can also use a great variety of free-to-use templates on this online editor. The templates here are not limited to only a few designs but there is an enormous variety of them. From business to healthcare, fashion, education, travel, dining out, food, shopping, marketing, advertising, and personal templates, you will find everything here. Along with finding a huge variety of templates, another beautiful thing is that all of them are free to use which gives further peace of mind to the user. . 

Free Cloud Storage

You also get free cloud storage to manage and save your photos on CapCut’s online editor with greater convenience and ease. The files that you store here are automatically synchronized across all of your devices and hence offer a more cheerful experience. You can save them here and access them later from any device by logging into your online cloud space linked with CapCut. 

Team Collaboration

You can also collaborate with your teams on this online space. It not only allows you to create your photos here with impressive transformations but also allows you to share them with your team. You can invite all of your team members, family, or friends here by sending them the invitation links. When they join this space to work in collaboration with you, you can assign different roles to them and enjoy working together on creating artistic masterpieces. 

Free Creative Tools

To create those artistic masterpieces, you will also find a huge variety of creative tools here that are free to use. For example, you will find here a portrait generator, image upscaler, image style change, old photo restoration, color optimization, AI-based background change, etc. Besides photo editing, this incredible online photo editor by CapCut also brings lots of incredible video editing tools e.g. video stabilizer, free AI video generator, video upscaler, etc. 

Watermark Free Downloads

Similarly, it also allows you to make free customizations and then download them for free as well to your device. Then the download that you make won’t contain any watermarks or copyright issues from the editor. Instead, you can feel free to make high-quality downloads and share them with anyone you want. 

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How to Use an Online Photo Editor by CapCut?

Using this editor is the simplest, quickest, and easiest. Here are the short and quick steps for this. 

  • Step 1: Signup

Sign up here for free by using the signup button on www.capcut.com. Login to the editor and click on the online photo editor. 

  • Step 2: Upload

Upload your photo to the editor by using the given options. 

  • Step 3: Customize

Customize your photo by using the editor’s different basic or advanced tools and AI-based creative functions to make impressive transformations. 


  • Step 4: Download

Download the final results to your laptop by using the export button. 


After knowing about the hidden facts about the CapCut online editor, you must give it a try. Choose any photo and upload it here for professional-level transformation. Use the editor’s creative tools and transform it like a pro. Share the results with others and enjoy getting positive and amazing reviews or feedback from people. 

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