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Hotmail was founded in the mid-90, and it is one of the oldest emails which is still continued to be used by many people.However, it is no longer a different webmail service as Microsoft’s Outlook now handles all accounts Hotmail. This isn’t very clear to the users who are wondering if Hotmail is still around and if it will remain operational in future or not.

Where is my Hotmail account?

As active Hotmail users already know, the famous email address has not disappeared. It also remains operational the same as Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. A Hotmail email account is also used with the Outlook email client, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, One Drive, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Windows Insider program.

In this blog post and videos, Microsoft insists on transitioning from to While you can also do that, there is nothing that is stopping users from accessing Hotmail on the browser or via Outlook’s iOS/Android apps.

How can you access your Hotmail account in your Outlook profile?

In the web browser, if you are entering in the address bar, it will automatically redirect you to the profile of

You can sign in to the Hotmail domain if you remember your password. Presently there are no webmail or any other exclusive services for Hotmail.

Every other Microsoft email address, like, and, and country-specific subdomains, are directly accessible from and can only be opened from Outlook’s webmail or mobile/desktop clients.

If you use Hotmail with an account, you can verify its availability using ‘Microsoft Account Profile’ – Account Info – Sign-in preferences.

On the ‘manage how you can sign in to the Microsoft page’, you can see a list of aliases attached to your Microsoft account. This will also give you any Hotmail email accounts you currently use. It will also be saved as a secondary or primary alias.

You can also add or multiply aliases to the account of Microsoft. If you have never used the email account of Outlook, Hotmail will also show up as the only available alias.

While you can also create a new account on Hotmail, Microsoft will not let you add it as a secondary alias since it is part of the reserved domain. Only the email address of also supports creating new aliases.

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How can you create a new Hotmail account?

  1. First, go to the Create One option.
  2. Select username from the Hotmail and Outlook email domains and then enter it.
  3. Now create a password from the account and hit next.
  4. Now you have to set up a new account and enter your full name, region, and birthday.
  5. After this, solve the simple puzzle for validating the new account request.
  6. The tests can be tricky, but it will take little time to complete.
  7. You will also see a complete verification message validating the user’s account creation. Now the new Hotmail account will be created, and you can choose to stay logged in and can access the Outlook email and the mobile apps.

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