Top 10 Ludo Earning Apps to Win Real Cash Rewards

Have you ever wondered why Ludo is always considered the best classic board game of all time? This board game has stood the test of time due to its easy learning curve and fun. These days, the digital version of this board game has made it even more popular among fans. In fact, players can now earn cash prizes by winning individual contests and major competitions. You need a list of top apps if you are a budding Ludo player. Check this list below.

Ten Best Ludo Earning Apps

1.MPL Ludo

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of the brightest stars in the sky of casual digital gaming. This Ludo game PayTM cash app offers myriads of casual games, and Ludo is the most significant among them. MPL Ludo has three different versions. These versions are Ludo Dice, Ludo 2 Dice, and Ludo Win. Create an account on this app and choose the version you want to play. The rules are simple and straightforward. The interactive user interface makes these versions more fun and engaging.

2.Fantasy Khiladi Ludo

Fantasy Khiladi is a unique app where you can play Ludo and win real cash prizes. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, so a vast population of Ludo players can enjoy playing it. In today’s world, online gaming has become a favorite pastime for people of all ages. Ludo is one of the most loved games, and now you can even make money from it using apps like Fantasy Khiladi. It’s gaining a lot of attention lately.

3.Winzo Ludo

Winzo Ludo is a popular mobile gaming app with an exciting twist on the classic board game. Players can enjoy lively Ludo matches with friends or random opponents, all while having the chance to win real cash prizes. The app’s user-friendly interface and smooth gameplay make it accessible to a wide audience. With the convenience of playing on smartphones, Winzo Ludo has become a go-to platform for those seeking fun and rewards in the world of online Ludo gaming.

4.Gamezy Ludo

Gamezy Ludo is a thrilling digital adaptation of the traditional board game, offering players an engaging and competitive experience. Its user-friendly interface and seamless gameplay make it easy to enjoy exciting matches against friends or online opponents. Gamezy Ludo also offers opportunities to win cash rewards, adding extra excitement to the game. This app brings the beloved game of Ludo to the digital age, allowing players to have fun and earn prizes.

5.Skill Ludo

Skill Ludo is a dynamic mobile app with a competitive spin on the classic board game. Users can engage in strategic Ludo matches against friends or random players while vying for cash prizes. The app’s user-friendly interface and gameplay make it an enjoyable platform for those looking to combine fun and skill in Ludo gaming. You can also create personal chatrooms to bring your peers on board and play this game.


Rush stands out as one of the top apps for earning money through Ludo. They offer a thrilling version of the game known as Speed Ludo, featuring fast-paced gameplay with time constraints, demanding quick moves to outsmart your rivals. download this game to learn more about the specific gameplay. Play with the bots and develop your winning strategy. You can then participate in vivid competitions and tournaments held on a large scale to win big cash prizes.

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7.Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is an exciting mobile app that offers a modern take on the classic board game. It provides players with a unique blend of traditional Ludo and innovative features, making it an engaging and competitive experience. With opportunities to play against friends or opponents online, Ludo Supreme adds a social dimension to the game. This app conducts tournaments where players can win cash prizes, enhancing the excitement of this digital version of Ludo. enjoy the occasional bonuses and in-app offers while playing this classic board game on this app.

8.Ludo Superstar

Ludo Superstar is a popular mobile gaming app that breathes new life into the beloved board game of Ludo. From the developer house of PUBG, this app is a mix of traditional gameplay and modern features. It provides an entertaining and competitive experience. With the ability to play against friends or online opponents, Ludo Superstar adds a social element to the game. Moreover, players can join tournaments and compete for cash rewards, making it an engaging and rewarding digital Ludo experience. You will also get a joining bonus and occasional benefits as a Ludo player from this app.

9.Ludo Premium

Ludo Premium app is a standout choice for classic board game fans seeking a premium gaming experience. It elevates the traditional Ludo gameplay with sleek graphics, smooth animations, and an intuitive user interface. Players can enjoy matches against friends or random opponents, adding a social element to the game. Ludo Premium also offers a range of customizable game modes, from classic to quick, accommodating various player preferences. Moreover, the app frequently hosts exciting tournaments and competitions, allowing users to showcase their skills and compete for substantial cash prizes

10.Ludo Empire

The Ludo Empire app is a famous digital rendition of the classic board game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide. A user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay offer a seamless Ludo experience for all ages. Players can enjoy matches with friends or unknown opponents online. Ludo Empire also hosts regular tournaments and competitions, allowing users to showcase their skills and compete for cash prizes. The app is simple, making it accessible to casual players and seasoned enthusiasts.

Start Your Ludo Journey Today!

Check out all these Ludo earning apps and find the most suitable. Check and compare the user interface of a chosen app and then create an account. First, go slow, play friendly matches with the bots, and develop your skills. When you are confident, participate in individual contests. Choose the most suitable one that offers a joining bonus, better payout terms, and an easier user interface to understand the gameplay dynamics. When you have understood the dynamics of the chosen Ludo app, participate in tournaments. Enjoy the chance to win cash prizes using your refined skills and make it big.

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