What Is The Step-By-Step Process To Get The Safe Certification?

When it comes to thriving in the extremely complicated and rapidly evolving digital world, the most widely adopted strategy is the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Although SAFe® equips businesses with the tools they need to respond rapidly to shifting market conditions and new opportunities, transformation can only be successful if the entire company buys into the Lean and Agile tenets.

The right first step in leading a Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework is to take the Leading SAFe® course, which is designed to help senior management, change agents, and technical people gain the knowledge necessary to do so. Leading SAFe® is all about the framework and the Lean, systems-thinking, Agile development, product-development-flow, and DevOps-inspired ideas that drive it.

Exam Preparation Methods, Study Aids, and Related Materials

Course materials – The SAFe® Community Platform is where you can get your hands on the course materials. You can utilize these resources to review what was discussed in class.

Learning Plan – After finishing a course, students have access to the learning plan.

Study guide – This study guide goes into great detail on the work, the exam, and even what books to read.

Practice test – You can take a practice exam with the same number of questions, difficulty, and time limit as the real thing. It’s free to take as many times as you like, and it’s included in the Learning Plan on the SAFe® Community Platform.

Sample Questions – The sample questions are available both online and in a paperback study guide with a web-enabled, flashcard-style version.

A guide to achieving SAFe accreditation

Follow these guidelines to earn a SAFe certification that complements your career goals:

1. Acquire the necessary skills

There are typically no academic or professional prerequisites for SAFe certification programs. The credentials are useful, but users are typically advised to have several years of expertise in software development or agile frameworks before enrolling in a course. There may be variations in the required level of experience for more specialized certificates, such as those for developers or SCRUM leaders. The first step toward earning one of these credentials is getting educated and gaining experience in software development, with an emphasis on using agile frameworks to design enterprise solutions.

2. Choose your certification

You can advance your career by selecting the appropriate certification from among the many that are available from Scaled Agile, Inc. and other organizations that focus on certain areas of the SAFe framework. It’s possible that certain certification programs aimed at engineers would concentrate on narrowly defined jobs and tools, while others would have a broader perspective aimed at executives and other stakeholders. Networking with other agile experts in your sector might help you figure out which certification is best for you by letting you know which ones have helped them advance in their careers. Also, you can be certified in more than one subject at once, so if your professional interests shift, you can easily switch gears and pursue a new certification.

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3. Get some rest and study for the test

Classes or seminars taught by a qualified expert typically include an exam to prove students have learned the material. Courses might range from a few hours to several days and weeks in length, depending on the certifying organization. The knowledge and practice you get from these courses can greatly improve your chances of succeeding on your certification exam. Programs with similar certificates may share some common ground in terms of required coursework.

4. Finish the test

Enroll in SAFe certification exams are multiple-choice and timed, though this may vary per certifying body. You can take your exam in person or online, and different institutions have different policies on retakes. There are some exams that you can retake, but only after paying a price or after a certain number of attempts. Your certification will be granted once you have passed the required examination. Your accreditation may need to be renewed every year or every few years, depending on the requirements of the organization you utilize.

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