SSO ID Login, Registration

SSO ID is used in Rajasthan, which is a digitalidentification.Its full form is a single sign-on identification. The purpose of SSO is to give the user access to a huge range of online services by the government of Rajasthan.

A unique card is issued to the inhabitants as a part of this identification system. Anyone who wants to register for the SSO ID of Rajasthan can easily visit their official website, which anyone can easily access.

Overview of Rajasthan SSO ID

The state administrator of Rajasthan has worked hard over many years to digitize and offer people internet services. It is a different initiative which unifies all governmental services into a single platform. The users can access multiple online services via the Rajasthan SSO ID. However, you need to complete the registration process to use these services.

The main objective of Rajasthan SSO ID is to promote the use of digital technology. The platform also offers its users a hassle-free and secure experience for gaining access to the services offered by the government.

Here are the complete details of the Rajasthan SSO ID

Portal SSO official website
Full form Single sign-on
Beneficiary Citizens
Official website
Facilities Applications for arms license attendance, MIS/registering for businesses e-DevasthanGST portal, E-Mitra portal services, Rajasthan E-pass – learning DCE app Drug control organization central inspectorate electronic health records. They communicate with the bank Bhamashah cards application making plan approval system, disaster management relief and civil defence.

Eligibility for applying Rajasthan SSO ID

The applicants should fulfil the Rajasthan SSO ID eligibility to complete the registration process. Below are the requirements.

  • If you are working with the state government, a SIPF user, or an employee in Rajasthan, you can apply for SSO ID.
  • Businesses and industries from the state of Rajasthan can apply for it.
  • Applicants of SSO ID should be residents or citizens of Rajasthan state.

What documents are needed for the application for SSO ID?

Before you proceed towards the application for SSO ID, you need to ensure you are equipped with the documents below.

  1. Bhamashah card and aadhar card.
  2. You would need a working phone number.
  3. If you are a government employee, you should have a SIPF ID.
  4. You should have a valid business registration number if you are from the business and industrial category.
  5. Apart from all the above, you need a valid login credential for your Google and Facebook accounts.

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How to log in to the SSO ID portal?

  1. First, visit the official website of SSO ID Rajasthan, i.e. at
  2. After that, choose the login option from the given fields.
  3. Then enter your SSO ID username and password for the digital identity to log in.
  4. After the login credentials are submitted successfully by the user, you will be taken to the dashboard of SSO ID. Here you can easily access the number of online services which the government of Rajasthan offers. Make sure to provide valid login credentials to access the SSO ID portal.

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