Suing Indivior for Suboxone: Who Can File a Lawsuit and How?

Suboxone, by Indivior, is a drug developed to fight opioid addiction. Many users have started filing lawsuits claiming that Suboxone usage results in oral problems it causes, like tooth infections. In 2022, the FDA warned unaware users against the dangers of the drug and urged those affected to file claims through credible attorneys.

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For further details, the following write-up will look at how you can file and follow up on a case against Indivior.

Reasons Why Suboxone is Dangerous

Indivior compromised Suboxone in various ways. This includes imbalancing the drug’s sublingual strip contents.

For instance, Suboxone has imbalanced naloxone and buprenorphine levels and a lower pH, leading to high acidity.

Issues Arising from Suboxone Use

Here are some oral problems caused by compromised sublingual strips and high acidity levels.

  • Minor problems:
    • Dry mouth
    • Gum issues
    • Tooth decay (depending on consumption)
  • Major issues:
    • Teeth loss
    • Destruction of teeth enamel outer layer
    • Cracked teeth
    • Extreme tooth decay

Who Can Sue Suboxone?

Here are various parties who can sue the Indivior drug firm:

Individuals Affected by Teeth and Mouth Infections

You can file a lawsuit against Suboxone manufacturers after sustaining the mentioned dental issues. Firstly, you can confront the seller before issuing an official claim against the company. The pharmacist or specific seller can offer a refund and recommend other medications to treat the impending Suboxone tooth decay issue.


Pharmacists depend on drug sales to make profits, a factor that’s automatically compromised if consumers file complaints. Therefore, pharmacies that took significant Suboxone orders can sue Indivior for compensation for their purchases and refunds to their clients.

Hospitals and Dental Clinics

Like pharmacies, hospitals can take large orders to distribute to their dental patients. They are eligible to file a lawsuit and claim losses. Additionally, some clients may sue the dental clinic under misdiagnosis claims. Therefore, they might have to settle recovery expenses for the respective patients.

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How to Sue Indivior for Suboxone Effects

Considering the magnitude of Suboxone lawsuits, you have to follow specific procedures to file a successful claim. For instance, many individuals and organizations are still awaiting their compensation, making the process a little bit complex.

Here’s how to file a claim if affected by the Suboxone drug:

Consult a Certified Attorney

Contact a lawyer if it’s your first time filing a court claim. They will guide you through each legal process.

Ensure you hire an advocate with previous success in the medical field. With the lawsuits against Indivior rising, you can get a recommendation to ensure your case is easy and fast.

Compile Your Evidence

You should compile your medical evidence before the official claim. The records include the following:

  • Official prescription for the Suboxone drug
  • Medical records illustrating the dental injuries.
  • Statements from qualified and notable physicians/hospitals regarding your dental injuries and infections.

File Your Claim

File Your Claim

Collaborate with your lawyer on how to table your evidence. Most cases can involve the lawyer following up on the issue personally and giving you feedback in case of arising matters.

Factors to Consider When Filing for a Suboxone Lawsuit

Here are some of the things that might hinder your lawsuit claim:

  • Only parties who used the drug before 2022 can sue the drug company. This is the period that the FDA issued a warning on the drug.
  • Your injury should be within the specified statute of limitation. Therefore, you won’t get compensation for injuries sustained outside a specific timeframe.


There are tips on what to do regarding suing Indivior for Suboxone. The article highlights who can sue the company and states the factors you should consider before filing the claim. Considering the multiple lawsuits against the company, hiring a good medical lawyer is crucial to helping your case progress faster.

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