Dignityhealth Team Login (How To Guide)

Are you looking for a method to log in to the website of dignityhealth? If yes, then here is the easiest method which you can use. Let’s check out the login steps.

What are the login steps for dignityhealth?

  1. First, you have to go to the official website of dignityhealth, i.e. https://team.dignityhealth.org/APIHC/TASS/WebPortal/APIHealthcare/
  2. After clicking the link above, a new tab will open, displaying its guidelines and troubleshooting steps. You need to read its terms and conditions and then click on agree button.
  3. After that, a window will open up, which will ask for your username and password. You need to enter yourvalued username and password and hit the login button there.
  4. After that, you will get a congratulations message which will confirm your login to the website of
  5. However, if you feel you are facing any trouble while accessing the website of dignityhealth, you can check out their troubleshooting guide and follow the steps for fixing any issue.

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  1. What ages does dignityhealth care treat?

Dignityhealth Care treats ages six months and older at every centre. They also have paediatric specialists at selected centres who are experts in treating infants starting from one week.

  1. Does dignityhealth have X-ray capabilities?

Dignityhealth provides onsite x-ray services at their centres, and also the providers can confirm if this is necessary during the visit. If you want to confirm that x-ray availability at a particular location, then you can call them and confirm for the same.

  1. How can you receive the results of the most recent visits?

The patient portal of dignityhealth is the one–stop shop for finding after-visit care information. You can also access the link provided via email within the time frame of 48 hours of your visit. With the shared electronic medical records, i.e. EMR, yourdignityhealth provider or any other physician you indicate will have direct access to the care you receive at the centre.

  1. Can you just walk into the care centre of dignityhealth?

Yes, you can visit the dignityhealth care centre anytime. However, it is recommended to choose a spot ahead of time to avoid waiting and for the convenience of everyone.

  1. What are the services offered by dignityhealth?

The care centres of dignityhealth offer treatment of most non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses like minor burns, minor cuts, fractures, sprains, UTIs, pink eye, sore throat, cough and more.

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