How to set up your own landscaping business

Your days in the office are over! You have finally taken the plunge and set up your own landscaping business. This has been a long held dream, not just to get away from being tied to a desk and a screen for a healthier, more active lifestyle, but also to run your own business, be your own person and in control of your own destiny.

gardening and landscaping business will give you that sense of empowerment and freedom that you have long hankered for, and as a local service there is always a demand as households want to enjoy their outside spaces more and more, while reducing the amount of maintenance that is involved. As such there is a strong possibility that you will find yourself in receipt of a substantial amount of work going forward. So you will need to make sure that you are well equipped to taking on jobs straight away.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the most essential items that you will need to get your landscaping business off to a flying start. One piece of advice – buy good quality. Cheaper tools will soon break and need replacing. A good tool will give you a lifetime’s worth of service.

The foundation of a good garden – the lawnmower

The chances are the first few jobs you pick up will be requests to mow a lawn. Whether due to a lack of time or a lack of ability because they are getting older, keeping a lawn neat and manicured is a time consuming and monotonous job. Having tis one chore taken off their hands can make a major difference to someone’s weekend.

Tools for keeping the edges neat and trimmed

The overall aesthetic difference a neatly trimmed lawn edge can make is significant. A good set of edgers for landscaping will allow you to add those finishing touches that will ensure your clients have a wow factor at the end of a job. 

Invest in a good set of gardening tools

Spades, forks, trowels, hoes, rakes, pruners, shear – while the initial investment might feel heavy, the use you get out of this equipment can be written against tax for years to come. You need to weigh up the pros and cons of investing in everything all at once, or spreading your investment over time. A good small business tax accountant and adviser will be able to point you in the right direction. 

Indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance is crucial to protect you and your business against unexpected issues in the future. But not only is insurance important for your protection, it will also help if you want to seek work as a subcontractor. Many larger building contractors require this a non-negotiable if they are going to put you on their books.

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A reliable truck or trailer

A reliable means of transport will not only take you and your equipment between jobs, but will also be required to carry out other tasks such as getting rid of waste and debris. It will double up as a mobile office where you take calls from prospective customers, chase down suppliers, and work out quotations. It will be where you eat your lunch, take a coffee break, and escape from the worst of the weather. Your truck will become an extension of yourself, so you want to make sure it is at the very least reliable and cost effective to run.

And just as importantly, make sure that your name and number are emblazoned across your truck. This will be the one form of advertising that will make a huge difference to your business. If you are working in one street, chances are the neighbors are going to see your van over the course of a few days or weeks. Make sure you have a ready stash of leaflets and business cards to push through peoples’ doors. 

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